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The TBA Interview: Diane Archer

Jun 11, 2007 at 08:22 AM by Bill Scher

Take Back America speaker Diane Archer is at the center of the national health care debate. The founder of the Medicare Rights Center shares how Take Back America participants can do their part to shape the discourse and bring about quality, affordable health care coverage for everybody.


Q: What do you plan to contribute to the panel you're serving on, "Health Care For All"?

DA: I'll be talking about what's wrong with private insurance, even when heavily regulated--how for-profit insurers steer clear of people with the costliest conditions, do not compete, punish the sick and drive up costs.

And, what's right about public insurance, even under poor leadership, in making health care a social responsibility, guaranteeing working families affordable health care and health security.

I'll also be discussing what focus groups and the polls are telling us about moving the public on health care.

Q: What should participants of Take Back America do at the conference to better understand the state of the health care debate?

DA: To better understand the state of the health care debate, use the TBA conference to talk to friends and colleagues, listen to what people are saying about health care reform, attend the Health Care For All workshop.

And ask the hard questions: how are we going to rein in costs, is this proposal going to promote quality, what systems will ensure that people with the most complex and costly conditions get the care they need, will this proposal punish the sick or treat everyone fairly?

Q: After the conference, what can participants do to advance the debate and bring us closer to universal health care?

DA: After the conference, engage your friends, neighbors and colleagues in the debate about the future of health care in America. Organize forums and town hall meetings to stir up discussion and debate.

And sign up for the Health Care for All Information Project weekly listserve to stay on top of the latest developments in health care reform and help us build a broad progressive coalition around a good solution to our health care crisis.

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